LOUISVILLE, KY – The Derby City $100K took place September 27-29, 2019 at Ohio Valley Dragway. The event featured three $15,000 to win races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a special $100,000 to win 64-car shootout on Saturday night.

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Friday Derby City $15K Results

Marty White Jr Friday winner

Marty White Jr. kicked off the weekend with a $15,000 victory over Joe Hoskins.

In the semi-final round, Hoskins defeated Jacob Decker whileWhite Jr. had the bye to the final.

Saturday Derby City $15K Results

Gary Williams Kenny Underwood Derby City $100k

In Saturday’s final round, Gary Williams and Kenny Underwood decided to save fuel and split the $15,000 cash prize.

Semi-finalists included Kevin Hall and Cody McDaniel.

Saturday $100K 64-Car Shootout Results

Garrett Griffith Derby City $100k winner

In the door car versus dragster main event final, 17- year-old Garrett Griffith grabs the $100,000 win over Josh McDaniel.

Semi-finalists included Kenny Underwood and Rob Kropfeld.

Sunday Derby City $15K Results

Hayden Jones Sunday Derby Citywinner

On Sunday, Hayden Jones defeated J.P. Schuster in the $15,000 final round to finish off the weekend.